Dry brush your skin to maintain a healthy glow!

If I’m honest with you, I’d never heard of dry brushing your skin until a few months ago! But as soon as I heard of the benefits  I grabbed myself a dry brush of eBay (about £5) and started religiously doing it every night. Let me start off with saying that it feels incredible! It leaves a slight tingle on your skin and makes you feel 100x more awake and energised, I felt like I had just had a full body massage, it was insane. But anyway lets get straight into all the benefits…

  1. Exfoliation – it provides a rough surface to remove dead skin cells without feeling like you’ve just ripped all your skin off (I know I’ve tried a few exfoliators that feel like smashed up glass). By exfoliating your skin it releases any clogged pores and allows your skin to ‘breathe’. I also find that my legs are so much smoother after shaving.
  2. Reduces cellulite & stretch marks – if you keep up a routine of dry brushing it may help to break down the fat deposits below the skin helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite, I know I’ve seen a difference after a week or two of dry brushing every night.
  3. Increase circulation – it helps increase your blood circulation which in return encourages your body to take away any metabolic waste. Make sure you brush towards your heart (so brushing in and upwards motion on your legs, this will aid with the circulation)
  4. Stimulation – by stimulating your lymphatic system it can help eliminate waste and toxins which can build up in your body making you sick. It will help to detox your body and release the toxins making you feel much more awake and invigorated.
  5. Stress relief – many people (including myself) find it relaxing and slightly meditative, especially if you do it in a quiet space with no distractions! It may help to reduce muscle tension, relieve stress and calm your mind.
  6. Glowing skin – who wouldn’t want tighter and glowing skin with just one little brush?

All in all it’s a great habit to get into, make sure you leave 5-10 minutes in your daily routine to dry brush your skin and give your body some loving! I hope you give this a try and see the improvements like I did!

Happy brushing & blogging!

~ Meg


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